Butterfly Wall

Name a butterfly to display on our Butterfly Wall

This is a unique way to support the extraordinary happening every day with the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The inscription on your butterfly can commemorate births, birthdays or special anniversaries, remember the passing of a loved one or simply to say ‘thank you’ to loved ones or hospital wards.

By naming a butterfly you will have an amazing impact;  Your gift to Brighter Futures allows the charity to help wherever the need is greatest within the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. You enable us to purchase additional equipment beyond what the NHS can provide, enhance the environment for patients and staff and introduce innovative projects which can bring lasting benefits to patients. Our vision is to provide the best care possible to our patients, their families and visitors to the Trust.

Our new look Butterfly Wall

You’ll be able to see your butterfly here on the north and west corridors of the hospital.

“Naming a memorial butterfly in aid of a worthy cause is something my late parents would have appreciated. I’m looking forward to seeing patients benefit from the Butterfly Legacy" Helen – Swindon

“Naming a butterfly and being able to see it every time we visit the hospital makes it special. It is there to say thank you for the great care that our family has received over the years from Great Western Hospital. The staff who work here and care for us are amazing“  Bill & Margaret – Royal Wootton Bassett

Choose the size of your butterfly






If you would like to name a butterfly you can download the order form here and send it to us.  Or you can now order online by clicking on the options below:

To order a Large Butterfly click here

To order a Medium Butterfly click here

To order a Small Butterfly click here

If you would like us to send you a leaflet or for more information then please contact the Brighter Futures Fundraising Team.





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