Cara's Story

I currently work as a Resuscitation Officer in The Academy and when my colleague, Helen shared the link to say Brighter Futures were hosting a 'Dive for Dementia', there was no hesitation in signing up to raise funds for this worthy cause and improve our hospital for dementia patients. 

I used to work in the Emergency Department at Great Western Hospital and have seen first hand the disorientation our patients with dementia exhibited when they were admitted to our clinical areas.

We had a dementia friendly cubicle which was decorated in neutral colours and had a sign saying “you are in hospital”.  It was great to see that we were acknowledging that extra measures needed to be put in place for our patients with extra needs. But obviously more can be done and this is why I wanted to support the Dementia Appeal!

I experienced little to no apprehension when the date loomed closer for the skydive. For me, I was able to tick off a bucket list activity that had been postponed for a while.  My grandad was in the Parachute Regiment in the army and had spent many a year jumping of planes so when he died a couple of years ago, my sister and cousin completed a charity skydive in his memory and honour. At the time, I was trying for a family so didn’t sign up for fear of being pregnant on the day of skydive so reluctantly sat that one out.  So on the day, I was able to take my Grandad's beret up with me.  I felt like he skydived with me and I was able to pop it on for the final descent and landing.

A very special and emotional day for me and I’m grateful to have taken part to raise funds for Brighter Futures at the same time. 


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